Product Review: Moisturizers

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If you're not sure which moisturizer is best for your skin, take a look at our guide. In case you're perplexed about your skin type, we'll list some of the characteristics of your skin and the type of products your skin craves. All it takes is a little research and some experimentation, since a brand that may work well for you may not work for your sister or best friend. Read on, and your skin will radiate that healthy glow in no time!

Oily Skin

You Need: A moisturizer that is oil free so that you don't intensify the problem. While you want to moisturize your skin daily, those with oily skin know that shine is a given, and we're not talking about the radiant kind. Buildup of grease and dirt can cause breakouts, and pores can often be large.

You can minimize these effects and prevent excess buildup just by looking for a few key ingredients. Look for moisturizers with alpha hydroxy acids. Alpha hydroxy moisturizers provide slight exfoliation, which results in smoother skin. If your moisturizer contains any clay or mud products all the better, as clay has proven successful at temporarily soaking up oil, leaving skin refreshed.