Product Reviews: Leave-In Conditioner

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Regardless of your hair type, all of us can benefit from a little leave-in conditioner love and protection. Whether your hair is straight as a board, frizz-prone, stylishly wavy or wound into tight curls, leave-in conditioners help restore our hair's moisture level and leave us with easier-to-manage tresses.

Even when we opt for expensive conditioners, when the product is washed out of our hair in the shower, so is some of our hair's elasticity. A leave-in conditioner merely helps your hair retain that suppleness through a blend of moisturizers, silicone, protein and other strengthening ingredients.

In addition, a leave-in conditioner can up your hair on the shine factor by nourishing hair from its source- the scalp. For those of you with tangle-prone hair, leave-in conditioner also helps decrease troublesome knots by separating the hair at the follicle.

If you're a sun goddess, you'll enjoy the UVA/UVB protection some leave-ins provide, which serves to shield your hair from the harmful effects of those harsh rays.

But before you rush out to the store and grab the first leave-in conditioner you see, remember that this type of beauty product does not meet the "one-size-fits all" mantra. For instance, if your hair is super curly and you are faced with the notorious combing process, you'll do best with a thick leave-in conditioner cream. Straight and wavy hair will be best served with leave-in conditioner sprays.