Kick Your Sugar Habit

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You are about to walk out of the supermarket and there it is, that sweet jelly donut you've been craving all day. You know you shouldn't have it. What do you do?

Well, you have two options. You could accede to your desires and buy that donut and feel guilty later, or choose a healthier alternative. It is hard to believe there are healthy foods out there that are tasty as well. But there are plenty of ways to come off the sweet train without depriving yourself. In other words, it's possible to satisfy that sweet tooth without sabotaging your diet.


Take smaller portions of those sweet foods. For example, instead of eating three chocolate chip cookies a day, eat two with a piece of banana. Instead of eating two slices of chocolate cake eat, settle for one. Accompany the chocolate cake with some fruit salad. Do this for the first week. This will train the body to eat less unhealthy sugar and more natural sugar. One day of the week, go all out and feast on all of the fruit you want when you feel the urge to snack on Milanos.


Water will reduce your appetite altogether. You will not have as many cravings and you will lose weight in the process. Water cleans out your body. Every time you eat something sweet, have a glass of water.


Now that you have gone a week without eating all of the cupcakes, it is time to mix it up. Have a piece of cake once a week. Look at it as a reward for eating less during the week. Continue to add fruit with it. Berries are good. Why don't you add some strawberries on top of that chocolate cake? Mix some fruit in with your pancake batter. Add some cherries in with your oatmeal. Have some grapes and cherries with the sweet snack of your choice. The name of the game is to add healthy fruits with those sinful snacks.