Dating Online? Look for These Red Flags

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Signing up for an online dating service takes a lot of guts - and a sense of wariness about what potential online matches share with you. It's great when you're able to put yourself out there looking for your perfect match, but it involves a lot of separating the wheat from the chaff - aka the good guys from the nuts. Here are a few ways to know if what you see online is what you'll get in real life. First, take a look at his profile and how much - or how little - information he gives. When you get scant details, like no picture, no age or measurements given, and very few (or very boring) personality details, then it's probably a good idea to move on to the next profile or not answer a message from the guy - it's obvious he has something to hide. If there's just too much information to wade through, then it may be that the guy loves to talk about himself. Once again, avoid this one. Take a look at the pictures he's uploaded. Being suspicious of blurry pictures, weird angles and a lot of people in the picture is obvious. But be wary of pictures that are taken in the same pose, with the same expression. That cute, closed-mouth grin might be concealing a mouthful of rotten or missing teeth!