Do You and Your Spouse Need a Therapist?

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Anyone who's been married awhile tends to describe marriage as something they "work on." But what do you do when it feels like one partner is working a little more than the other? Or both feel like it's not even worth the effort anymore? Couples' therapy can be very effective for couples who go for the right reasons. A few of the biggies on the list of reasons why couples attend therapy are sex, money and above all, communication. Any significant change in these factors may indicate that therapy is warranted. Not feeling like much is changing at all? If things have become stagnant in your relationship and neither of you is sure why, then perhaps a therapist can get to the bottom of the problem. If both of you know there's a problem – and what it is – but can't seem to discuss it without arguing or resolving the issue, then counseling could help you iron things out once and for all.