What Not to Say During a Hookup

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Whether you've been out with a new guy a few times or just once, when things start getting hot and heavy in the bedroom, there are a few ways to kill the mood - fast. Say the wrong thing, and the intimacy can come to a shrieking halt. So here are a few things to put on your no-no list when you're making pillow talk with a hookup partner. It's the punchline in a lot of romantic comedies, but it really does happen in real life. We're talking using the wrong name for your partner. It's OK to whisper or even yell, "Yes, yes, Steve!" But it's not OK to say when your current partner's name is Craig. Worrying aloud about your boyfriend or husband finding out about the dalliance is a sure mood killer, as is wondering aloud whether or not you're current on your birth control.