Just Say No... and Mean It

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No means no, even when you're saying it to your child. For many parents, no quickly turns to maybe or even yes once they're bombarded by cries, whines and pouts. At the time it might seem easier to give up and give in than deal with the fallout, but in reality, look at the message that you're sending for your child. They'll quickly become in tune with the fact that pitching a fit will always get them what they want.

The secret is to pick up new techniques for teaching your child that no means no. It goes without saying that "no" has become a four-letter word that children hear as many as 400 times a day, according to some experts. Perhaps the best way to tell your child "no" is not by saying it. For starters, when a child asks for something, respond with "yes, later." This will usually work to hold them off for the time being, and most children will forget all about their request.