Preventing Poison Accidents

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We've all seen the dreaded skull and crossbones. It's the symbol for danger ahead. We're talking about the risks of poisoning. For parents, especially those with small children, it's a very real threat. Take a close look around your house, and you'll find risks just about everywhere you look. There are precautions you can take to ensure that you'll never have to place that dreaded call to the national poison hotline. In the event that you do need to contact the American Association of Poison Control Centers, the number is 800-222-1222.

You should have the number in a visible place such as the refrigerator. Here are some ways to avert disasters before they happen. Keep all medicines - regardless of how innocuous they may seem - locked up in a cabinet. Even if you've placed them up high, children can still climb the counters and access medicines. If you carry medicine in your purse, keep it out of reach.Store medicines in their original containers so that you know what they are. Let your children know that medicine is dangerous. Cleaning products are every bit as dangerous.