Perfect Protein Sources for Kids

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Protein is an important part of every child's diet; however, some parents believe that their children may not be receiving enough of it. Surprisingly, your child is probably getting more than enough.

Why Is Protein Important for the Body?

You may be wondering why protein is important. Protein does several important things for the body including:

  • Builds, maintains, and repairs tissues;
  • Produces substances that the body uses, such as enzymes and hormones;
  • Regulates the body;
  • Helps fight against diseases that strike those who are malnourished; and
  • Provides stamina and energy, keeping people active.

You can see why protein is important for your child. It helps your body to function properly and at its best.

Consuming protein helps different parts of your body, such as producing hemoglobin (which carries oxygen throughout your body) or building cardiac muscle. All of these are reasons to make sure that your child is receiving enough protein in their diets.