We're Stuck on these Beauty Products!

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Patches, wraps, stickers...they're all new and different ways to get yourself out of sticky beauty situations. For example, how many times have you tried to master the smoky eye look and come out of the ordeal looking like you got in a fight and have a black eye? Those last-minute manicures that we think we can pull off sometimes end up a smudgy mess when we don't give enough time for nails to dry. And when pampering yourself, it's easy to make a drippy mess out of your face when applying a facial mask or cream. Many cosmetic companies have made it easy to apply a glamorous look in seconds. First, get a salon-style manicure, complete with nail art, by simply smoothing on Sally Hansen's Salon Effects or Jamberry nail wraps. Both simply stick onto nails with minimal work and are removable with nail polish remover. If you want those smoky eyes, then you'll be stuck on ColorOn Professional Eye Envy kit, an eyeshadow ensemble that comes out perfect every time.