Yes, No, Maybe So: Kids Who Say One Thing, Do Another
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Saying one thing and doing another, melting down over seemingly nothing, refusing to use the bathroom -- kids are contradictory little things sometimes. But before you throw your hands up and take your little one to a shrink, try to get to... Read More
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More Fruits and Veggies, Please!
As a dietitian and a mom of three young children, I naturally have a bowl of fruit on the kitchen table. You may think that this has always been the case. The truth is that it wasn't. The practice of...
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Rise and Shine: It's Breakfast Time!
Most of us already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Beginning your day without breakfast is like trying to fly a kite without any wind. It's hard to get started and even harder...
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School Lunch
Every parent wants to know what to make for school lunch. It is frustrating to find out your child didn't eat a thing you made, even after they suggested what to put in it. It is also frustrating...
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