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This side dish is a perfect alternative to plain old canned cranberry sauce at the holidays. Beets are high in lots of vitamins and antioxidants, so give them a try!


These crispy treats are worth the extra effort. Try them as a post- holiday shopping pick-me-up or even give them as gifts wrapped up in a pretty container!

Do you know the gingerbread man? Well, you're about to. Catch 'em if you can with this simple recipe that's sure to wow the cookie monster in you.

The holidays are sure to be happy when you prepare this French toast favorite. Soak and refrigerate the bread overnight so to allow a full blend of flavors.

Not everybody enjoys the minty flavor of candy canes, but that doesn't mean you can't partake in the holiday festivities. These cookies look like the popular Christmas staple but have a buttery great taste.

This Italian holiday dessert consists of sweet dough cut in tiny balls and fried. It's then rolled in honey and coated with multi-colored little round sprinkles and topped with candied peels of lemon and orange.

When you're looking for a great dish to celebrate a special occasion, these glazed Cornish hens hit the mark. But make sure you prepare enough -- your guests are sure to come back for seconds... and possibly thirds.

This eye-catching candy decoration is just for that... decoration. You can look, but you can't eat.

This dessert will be the apple of your eye. A perfectly prepared tart treat is on the menu with this recipe. It's good to the core.

The name says it all. This velvet cake is adoringly smooth and so good to eat. You'll love how it crumbles in your mouth.

For eggnog lovers, this is the ultimate thrill. Eggnog flavored cheesecake is out of this world and so darn good to eat.


Forget rolling with the punches, roll with this chocolate dessert. It will be hard not to go back for seconds. If you're looking for a crowd pleaser this holiday season, this is one to remember.

Most people don't realize that gingerbread is so simple to make. If you like your gingerbread a bit moister, add a little bit more water or a little more vegetable oil.

When pumpkins are in season, it's a good idea to make the best of it... and them. This roll is a great dessert that's especially nice for holidays, and it freezes well too!

This drink will totally warm you up and it is perfect for the Christmas holidays. Imbibe in a great tasting punch on those special days.


It's hard to find eggnog outside the holiday season, which is why we've provided a recipe that you can make all year round. Enjoy your own homemade version.

All hashbrowns are not created equal. If you've sworn off carbs, these zucchini-infused pancakes will satisfy your hankering for hash in no time flat. One taste and you'll say grease is the word.


Boy, do we have a carrot souffle that's sure to make you bug out. Made with just a few ingredients, the rich taste gives it plenty of appeal. In fact, it's so good you'll have a hard time deciding -- side dish or sweet treat? Try it tonight.

The holidays just wouldn't be right without Fruit Cake. This recipe stands out from all the rest out there. It's so good your friends and family will ask you to make it every year!

It's time to go green. If you are a fan of broccoli casserole, then you'll love this puff piece. And it doesn't hurt that you're getting your daily dose of nutrients.

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