Foods that Beat the Bloat

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Poor digestion can cause even more turmoil in your tummy, adding excess gas to the picture. Fortunately, the active cultures found in yogurt can help tame the tyrant. The "friendly bacteria" found in yogurt and many yogurt products helps regulate the intestine, cutting down on gas (and relieving constipation). As a bonus, your body will also love you for the extra calcium.


Getting lots of fiber is another way to make sure your system is super-functional. You know the old saying about an apple a day? Well it keeps the bloat away as well. In the same way that water cleanses the urinary tract, fiber does the same for your intestinal tract.

And when your intestine gets flushed out, guess what goes with it? You guessed it! Even more water.

Just a few easy dietary changes can change your feeling from bloated to blissful in no time. Have one of those glasses of water right this very minute, and you're already one step closer to zipping up those jeans. And the next time the dreaded bloat monster rears its ugly head, you'll be ready to take it on.