6 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Hotter

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Tip #4 - A Naughty Drawer, the Inspirer

A bedside drawer filled with all the accoutrements for sexy time is both practical and fun. Keeping these accessories within arm's reach certainly will not disturb the momentum. Visit your local sex shop for all sorts of erotic inspirations, like sensual lotions, arousal gels, massage oils, flavored lubricants and aphrodisiacs.

Erotic games like edible candy g-strings, handcuffs, French ticklers and body paint kits may just give the stimulation you were hoping for. Don't forget about sexy clothing and lingerie!

Tip #5 - Cleanliness, the Enticement

Clean your room! Really, there's nothing sexy about dirty sheets, stinky socks or dust bunnies in the corner. A clean bedroom is an enticing room, so make sure you have done a thorough cleansing of all surfaces for dust, removed the laundry hamper from sight, and rid the space of distracting and useless clutter. If you have pets or children, keep them out.