Child-Rearing: Home on the Free Range
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You may have heard of the uproar caused when one New York mom and blogger allowed her 9-year-old son to ride the subway alone in 2008. Lenore Skenazy armed her son with maps and subway routes and sent him on a short trip to prove that... Read More
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What Kind of Role Model Are You?
Are you being the person you want your children to be? Many parents today really try to be better parents than their parents were. They attempt to be there for their children - to listen to them,...
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Is It Okay to Spoil Your Kids?
None of us want "spoiled" kids - kids who are bratty, self-centered, demanding, inconsiderate. So, what spoils children and what doesn't? When I was raising my children, I was often told that I would...
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The Best Pets for Kids
Having kids is one of the best things in the world. Seeing them happy and enjoying usually gives us a very satisfying emotion. We always want what is best for our kids. So what if your kid desires to...
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