The Best Online Jobs You Don't Know About

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Various Office-Free Office Jobs 

Most people these days have basic office skills, are familiar with word processing programs, and can send emails, faxes and even video chat. 

Jobs that once required an in-office role but now may be performed remotely include: 

  • medical transcriptionist;
  • web designer;
  • call center representative; and
  • virtual assistant. 

Although medical transcription jobs have been available online for some time now, they are still a frontrunner among the best online jobs. The faster you can type and the more accurate you are, the more money there is to be made. The only drawback, however, is that some education or medical knowledge may be necessary to get started. 

Web designers get paid very well for helping businesses – small, medium or large – gain an online presence. They offer a variety of services from developing a website from scratch to updating a current website or optimizing it for SEO purposes. While there are plenty of companies that hire people to do these jobs from home, it's also possible to advertise your designing skills independently and land side jobs.