Play It Safe Outside

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For bike riding, scooter play, skateboarding or other activities, make sure your child has knees pads and a helmet. They should stay out of the roads and on sidewalks where they can avoid cars. When your child is playing outside, look for broken glass, ant piles, wasp nests or any other health hazards. If you have a pool, make sure the gate is secured so that no children can get into the water. Apply plenty of sunscreen to prevent your kids from getting sunburn. Also keep your children hydrated so that they don't get heat stroke or sun poisoning. Keep bottled water at hand. Teach your children to look both ways before going into the street and encourage them to limit play to your yard. If there is a lot of traffic in your neighborhood, take the kids to a nearby park or empty field to play. Use insect repellent or bug spray to keep your children safe from mosquitoes and ticks.