How Much Water Should Kids Drink?

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Keep in mind that sugar-added drinks aren't the only drinks that can have a negative impact on your kids. Fruit juices and milk also contain sugar, so it important to watch how much of these drinks your child is consuming. Diluting 100% fruit juice with water is a great way to get your child to drink more water while still giving them the fruity taste they enjoy. An ideal ratio is 2/3 water to 1/3 juice, but you may need to start with a higher juice ratio and work your way down over time.

Water Consumption & Dehydration

Babies and young tots are more easily dehydrated than older children and adults. In addition, older children can also express the fact that they are thirsty, unlike young children who can't communicate clearly yet. Dehydration can occur because:

  • The child hasn't had enough fluids to drink;
  • Excessive diarrhea as a result of a bacterial, viral or parasitic infection;
  • Excessive vomiting as a result of a viral or bacterial infection;
  • A viral infection that results in high temperature;
  • A viral infection that makes it painful for the child to eat or drink because of sores in the mouth;
  • Excessive sweating because of heat exposure; and
  • Undiagnosed diabetes resulting is excessive urination.