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There's plenty at steak here. We're talking about tender New York strip combined with a variety of fresh vegetables. Bring it all together with a low-fat dressing of your choice.

These ham and cheese wontons may sound simplistic, but they're actually a tasty foray into gourmet appetizers. Your guests will be blown away by these bite-sized treats.

This palate-pleasing potato recipe belongs in the lima-light. Chock full of flavor, it's a healthy dish that won't sideline your diet.


These marinated shrimp make a shell of a meal. The lemon, garlic and parsley come together to create a succulent sauce that has plenty of appeal.

These green beans are boiled and then sautéed and combined with cooked and crispy Prosciutto, lemon and pine nuts. Crunch and munch on this delicious vegetable.

Mint-flavored peas may sound like a delicacy... and that's because they are. This creamy peas and rice side is finished off with a fabulous feta taste.

You say potato... we say "why not give this cauliflower puree a try?" It's creamy and satisfying and a great low-carb alternative to other traditional starchy sides.

Brussels sprouts are made to be crispy and crunchy... and this recipe is no exception. What sets it apart from the same ole sprouts is the decadent lemon-walnut dressing that's simply to die for.

It's meatloaf without the meat. These turkey loaves are loaded with the usual ingredients except it utilizes the nutty flavors of cremini and porcini mushrooms. Enjoy with homemade macaroni and cheese and some steamed broccoli.

You won't make a big "misteak" with this beef and peppers prepared in a coffee sauce. With this top sirloin, tender is the bite. Enjoy over rice or with a side of new potatoes.

A succulent sauce of shallots, wine and blackberries turn these pork chops into a wonderful meal. Serve with rice or even a sweet potato medley, along with a fresh vegetable.

It's the great halibut with capers to the rescue. You ad your guests will flip over this fabulous fish dish that's chock full of fresh herbs for flavor.

Start swimming upstream with these beans and fennel salmon fillets. There's nothing fishy about the goodness of this seafood dish. Dive in tonight.

Come with me to the sea.... with these gourmet quesadillas. With a creamy crabmeat filling, this Mexican fixture works as an appetizer or a meal, especially when you add rice and beans with it.

The mushrooms used in this recipe are the shiitakes. The chicken thighs will be quickly sautéed and combined with a wonderfully-scented sauce. You'll want to let this recipe "leek" to everyone you know.

This chicken dish is sure to earn you a feather in your cap. Made with a shallot sauce, it's simply divine when served over rice of pasta. Don't skimp on the outstanding sauce.

This cod-based casserole meal features wine, thyme, paprika and cheese. Serve it with spinach or broccoli for a well-balanced meal.

Tofu has very little flavor or smell on its own and has “spongy” properties. It soaks up the flavors of the other ingredients; in this case sesame dressing with a nice ginger flavor can be tasted in every tofu bite.

When you're trying to lose weight, who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? Enjoy these low-fat brownies that lack the fattening ingredients but not the rich, chocolatey taste. You'll have no reason to feel guilty.

Low in fat and diabetic-friendly, this recipe creates sandwiches full of nutrients and fibers. They're great for lunch or dinner.