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This pasta dish has an irresistible Asian flavor, plus plenty of veggies and fiber. Add tofu to the mix for extra protein or serve as a side with grilled chicken.

On top of spaghetti, there's this killer meat sauce that's so tasty you won't believe it's as good for you as it is good. Makes for a hearty and healthy meal.

Yearning for some Midwestern treats straight from the heartland? Well, why not try the Milwaukee Chili Soup? If you like a thicker soup you can even drain part of the water off the spaghetti!

So quick and easy, the lemony chicken salad is both great taste and great flavor. There's no way you won't end this meal without feeling satisfied.

Using a slow-cook method, the sauce creates a deep rich flavor that will please even your Italian friends. Serve over the pasta of your choice. It's sure to satisfy no matter which noodle you use.

In search of a one-meal dish that leaves you and your family feeling satisfied? This chicken and zucchini pasta dish includes protein, carbohydrates and fresh vegetables. And it's low in sodium.

With this mind-blowing spaghetti sauce, you'll rely upon beef round tip, zucchini, tomatoes and fresh garlic for an out-of-body dining experience. It's Italian cooking at its finest.

There's something fishy going on... and it's this tempting tuna casserole that includes spaghetti, spinach and pimientos. It's as easy as they come.

Slow-cooked shrimp in marinara sauce is perfectly prepared. Served over spaghetti, it's a great Italian meal. It's important to remember not to add the shrimp until the very end to keep them from getting tough.


This inexpensive beef and noodle medley is such a delight when served up to your family. The meat is tender, the sauce is creamy and the noodles are perfectly done. And did we mention that your crockpot does most of the grunt work?

This special sausage sauce is prepared in a crockpot. About 14 minutes before the sauce is done cooking, prepare the spaghetti. Serve with a nice tossed salad and a loaf of garlic bread.

Thai something new tonight. This spaghetti in peanut sauce takes just minutes to prepare and is a hit with big and little mouths alike.

Spaghetti with yogurt? Hardly, you say. Well, think again. This creamy combo pairs up an unlikely duo for a headlining hit that will please the pickiest eater.

Use your noodle and work up with orange lamb medley. A hint of orange completes this wonderful meal that stands out from those ordinary dinners.

It's okay to clam up, at least when it comes to this lovely linguine dish. Served in a red sauce, it's every bit as good as the restaurant variety.


Your guests will be scampering for seconds of this scintillating shrimp scampi. The vegetables give it an added boost of flavor. A little goes a long, long way. Clamming up can be a good thing.  

On top of this spaghetti, you'll lose your poor meatballs, but substitute them for some kickin' chicken. Indulge in this Italian marvel tonight.

Ramen noodles aren't just a college students savior -- they're actually a versatile ingredient that's used in this great beef dish. Talk about Ramen the cradle!

This velvet-like rich cream is blended over noodles for a tasty main course. You can't go wrong with even the pickiest eater.

A colorful and fragrant main course that is ready in 20 minutes. This Irish-inspired medley is simply the best.

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