10 Great Ways to Get Organized

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  1. Categorize - with each area that you begin to organize, create 3 piles - keep, trash and donate. Obviously things you want to keep go in the "keep" pile, items that can't be used again go in the "trash" and things you can pass on to someone in need go in the "donate" pile. Doing this will give you the chance to really evaluate the items you have and if you truly need to keep them or not.
  1. Think outside the box - if you are struggling to find storage space to fit your possessions, there are many hidden and overlooked spaces that you can use to accommodate them. The backs of doors can be great places for hanging organizers in a linen closet or laundry room; the space over the door can also be used for a shelf to house books or baskets. There are many containers designed specifically to fit under the bed for rarely used items, and many furniture pieces such as benches, ottomans and even coffee tables can be found that feature built-in or hidden storage space.
  1. Enlist help - the whole process of organizing can seem less overwhelming if you delegate tasks from your to-do list to family or helpful friends. Having multiple people working on different rooms or areas at the same time can get you finished in no time.