10 Great Ways to Get Organized

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  1. Hire a professional organizer - if you're knee-deep in clutter, it is beginning to affect your ability to enjoy your home, and you don't think you can conquer the clutter on your own, a professional may be the way to go. A quick Internet search can lead you to someone in your area who can come in and assess the situation and develop a plan for organization that will work for you.
  1. Digitize - to cut down on piles or boxes of paperwork (and to help the environment), take the time to type up your phone and address book and store it on your phone or computer. Scan important documents and then shred the paper copies. Take pictures of your children's artwork instead of saving it; photocopy the recipes you actually like and use out of cookbooks and donate the books; and get rid of all those takeout menus and phone books - if you have a computer with Internet access, this information can be accessed easily.
  1. Keep it clean - even a well-organized closet or kitchen can look messy if it isn't clean. While organizing, be sure to wipe down shelves, dust and vacuum before you put anything back in its place. A clean space also will inspire you to keep it looking good.