20 Essentials Every Working Mom Needs

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9. A sex life - making time for your partner not only strengthens your relationship, but sex also can provide exercise and act as a stress reliever after a particularly rough day or week.

10. Boundaries - make yourself accessible to business contacts only during working hours. This gives your mind a break from job-related stress and allows you to focus on time with your family. Consider forwarding calls to voicemail and leaving an out-of-office message on e-mails during "home time."

11. An after-hours doctor or clinic - whether it's you or a little one waking up with a fever or runny nose, having a doctor's office with extended hours can help you get healthy faster without having to miss work to recover or provide childcare.

12. Vitamins - it's easy to get sick if you're running low on sleep or sharing a cramped office 40 hours a week. A daily vitamin can help you cut down on the number of colds you contract and bring into your home.

13. A good haircut - while a trendy cut may be tempting, stick with classic styles that don't take a lot of tools or products to achieve, and you'll have more time in the morning.

14. A trusted mechanic - nothing can create a terrible snowball effect on a busy day quite like car troubles. Having a reasonable and trusted mechanic or garage on speed dial can save you time and trouble when your vehicle experiences issues.