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We're bringing all of your favorite breakfast staples together in one hearty and healthy hash. Eggs, Canadian bacon, hashbrowns and cheese... Need we say more?

Why get bogged down with greasy breakfast sandwiches when you can start your morning off light with this well-balanced breakfast casserole? It's egg-cellent.

Hungry for an out-of-the-ordinary breakfast? Hash it out with this Southwestern medley that's loaded with potatoes, onions, mushrooms, ham, peppers, cheese and more. It's divine.

One bite of this gourmet dish and you'll want to quiche the cook. It's a great way to make sure that your family gets their fix of fresh veggies. Toss in whatever your want.

Pick a delicious idea for any meal with this egg dish. It's chock-full of veggies and boasts a lighter calorie count than most cheese-and-egg-loaded quiches.

Real men don't eat quiche? They will when you serve up this delicious, healthful alternative. For brunch or even dinner, it's a real slice of heaven. Fresh fruit salad makes it a perfect meal.

This convenient casserole will have you saying cheese, along with chili, corn and casserole. When combined together, the ingredients have all of the makings of a first class meal.

You simply cannot resist taking a bite out of this! This breakfast can be prepared the night before; it is truly enjoyable.

For all of you almond lovers, this is a French toast breakfast you'll go nuts over. Start your morning off on the right note.

The holidays are sure to be happy when you prepare this French toast favorite. Soak and refrigerate the bread overnight so to allow a full blend of flavors.

Go gourmet this morning with this oven-baked French toast dish. Sink your teeth into this a.m. offering that will stay fresh in your mind throughout the day.

This awesome blend of banana and french toast makes for a mouthwatering breakfast. Get ready to butter up your fellow diners with this a.m. treat.

Ready or not, you can feast on this French toast frenzy on the drop of a dime. It's a sweet treat that can be made ahead of time and then frozen.

Prepare to introduce a mouth-watering medley onto your menu. Trust us, once you've tried this, everything will be just peachy keen.

Everyone will raise a toast to this French favorite. Although this version requires overnight refrigeration, it's sure to be a scrumptious sensation.

Don't have time to read this recipe? Well, then make the quick and easy egg muffin. This breakfast meal features many, many eggs and sausage.

When its cold outside, your meal is heating up. This bread is perfect for a vigorous wintertime breakfast. Get it now.

There's a breakfast for every body... and every day! You may substitute the bread with two loaves of frozen dough that's been thawed out.

Ham it up with this delicious ham focaccia that's spot on. No matter how you slice it, this scrumptious dish is sure stop those hungry mouths in their tracks.

Berry, berry good. Slices of white bread coated with a mixture of eggs, sugar, milk, cream, butter, vanilla, raisins, and allspice plus the special sauce make for a sweet treat.