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Popeye ate all of spinach and fought 'til the finish... and you should too. Even if you aren't a fan of the greens, you won't be able to resist these spinach squares.

Sounds like a strange combo, doesn't it? Nonetheless, it's still very tasty. This great recipe can be served with any meal and features mushrooms, cheddar cheese and green onions.

Now here's a casserole you will crave. The tomato basil sauce will be the final touch! Make your own sauce and use good olive oil.

Want to enjoy a bit of alcohol with your meal? Try the Limon Rum & Spinach salad. A wonderfully surprising combination! It's definitely worth a shot!


Open sesame. This salad is an irresistible combination of spinach and strawberries to create a perfect blend. Once you try our strawberry salad, you'll make it at least once a week.

Not just great, but groundbreaking. The Cranberry Spinach salad is both a fruit and veggie delight! Easy to prepare and a real pleasure to eat… truly enjoyable.

Goodbye iceberg lettuce. Hello fresh spinach. This salad would make Popeye proud. Dress it up with all kinds of fresh produce and reap the nutritional benefits.

This delightful dressing goes well with Pork Pinwheels with fruit stuffing or with grilled chicken and coarse chopped pecans on top. It can even stand alone on its own.

Lettuce introduce you to a fresh salad that's filled with fennel and covered with a celery seed dressing. This is a great way to open a special dinner.

The same old pork recipes can grow tiresome over time. So why not shake things up a bit with these pork stuffed bread boats? For a lighter version, use fat free Italian dressing.

Filled with a combination of pepperoni, cheese, bell pepper, onion, and spinach, the American calzone is surely a diverse meal. Mix things up with this capable calzone.

It's a wrap, a spinach wrap that is. A great substitute for the traditional filling sandwich, these spinach and ham pinwheels pack a great punch.

Ham it up in a great way. Pig out on this deluxe ham and cheese sandwich with all of the fixings -- from cucumbers to red onions to spinach. It's second to none.

This Thai chicken salad can be served as a stand alone or in whole-wheat tortillas. Whichever way you choose to present the meal, it's sure to be a true experience in great taste.

You'll go stir crazy over this excellent Asian dish that's loaded with noodles and veggies. The soy and sesame flavor makes it a dish that's chock full of delightful flavors.

Instant rice and canned peas take a great deal of this busy work out of this quick dish. It's the ideal side dish for just about any protein staple. You can't go wrong.

When it comes to picking the perfect party platter, you can't go wrong with a bowl of spinach dip. Serve with pumpernickel bread, tortilla chips or fresh vegetables. There's a big or little "dipper" to suit every taste.

Serve this crabmeat and spinach cheese fondue with a salad, along with buttered and toasted ciabatta bread for a full meal. As a satisfying snack, simply grab a handful of corn chips or crackers to get your fill.

Spinach dip is a hit with just about everyone. What sets this version apart from the rest is the use of fresh parsley and basil. It only serves to make a good thing even better.

Put boring PB&J out of its misery and opt for this Middle-Eastern marvel. Made with lahvosh bread, this wrap is full of vegetables and flavors. It's a refreshing break from the same old sandwiches that grow tiresome over time.