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Really, who can resist chocolate? Despite the use of a microwave, this recipe makes a crispy jelly roll. It's quite a delight.

Make a meal out of oatmeal. Boost your energy with this tasty and spicy breakfast. An ideal way to start out any day.

Rice, rice, baby! This is a “mock” casserole that requires a microwave, but is very simple to make. You'll be wishing you'd made more once you've tried it.

Rich and tasty! These petite green peas are prepared with sour cream, mayonnaise, dill weed, Beau Monde Seasoning, onion, celery and bacon. Peas of cake!

Veg out with this pita packed full of nutrients. A scrumptious way to get your five a day in just one sitting, this veggie offering is divine.

Simpler is better. This simple pita is just cheese and butter in a pita pocket, but it is simply fantastic. For those of you who want something quick and easy, this is your pita...

This sandwich is what happens when vegetarian meets Mexican. Prepared in while-wheat pitas, it's almost like a taco salad without the beef.

These potatoes are cooked in the microwave and require no effort. It's a very low cholesterol side dish for those who are keeping a close eye on their health.

It's Sunday afternoon and you have a hankering for something creamy and dreamy. Why not take a crack at this exquisite crab dip? Serve with chips, crackers or toasted bread?

Lobster and cheese are sandwiched between tortillas to create a wonderful Mexican and seafood blend. Top with a dollop of sour cream and a side of fresh salsa.


That's a wrap! This veggie delight is a pita heaven. The Italian dressing lends itself well to this healthy sandwich substitute loaded with cabbage, carrots and whatever other fresh produce you prefer.

Put aside the potato chips. This classic snack mix is sure to satisfy your hankering for something salty. To add even more flavor, toss in a cup of cashews or honey-roasted nuts.

Prepare to go nuts over a cup of steamy and sweet hot chocolate. This sweet treat is the perfect before bed beverage and the ultimate substitute for high-fat, high-calorie desserts.

When breakfast gets to be the pits, turn to this fruit and grain cereal. It's far healthier than those other sugar-loaded options. And you make the final decision of what stays and what goes...

Poached eggs can be tricky to prepare. To get it right, you may have to experiment a few times. For this recipe, you'll use the microwave to prepare this breakfast fixture.


It's time you gave this chicken wrap a Thai. Stuffed with a ton of fresh ingredients, this poultry-driven wrap is satisfying any time of day. It's sure to be a feather in your cap. When you're searching for a sandwich substitute, this is it.

Whether you prefer one lump or two, you can use this recipe to beef up your next dinner. Garnish this high protein main dish with lemon zest and iceberg lettuce chunks.

Carrots and sweet potatoes are two healthy ingredients that come together in one great dish. This puree is absolutely palatable when prepared under these creamy conditions.

A mixture of oil and vinegar combined with fresh rosemary creates a dynamic dressing for this potato and vegetable medley. Prepared on a skewer, it's just right for your grilling repertoire.

Black beans, tomatoes and millet are stuffed into pepper shells and then microwaved. Rich in fibers and gluten free, this makes for a great vegetarian dish.

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