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You'll be cool as a cucumber when you get a sample of this crispy and crunchy appetizer. A deviation from traditional garden salads, this scintillating side requires just three simple ingredients. Lettuce entice you to give it a try.

Apricot brings this amazing Thai salad to life. Topped with grilled chicken and fresh vegetables, this cool, crisp entree will drive your tastebuds absolutely nutty... as in peanutty.

This traditional Japanese salad is cool as a cucumber. The blend of rice vinegar, soy sauce and ginger offers a tangy, tantalizing flavor to ordinary cukes. Say sayanara to simple salads and hello to great taste.


Want to know where the beef is? Look no further than this slow-cooked brisket, marinated in red wine vinegar, chili sauce and more.

Broccoli is a great source of calcium. So what better way to stock up on this fresh veggie than preparing it with roasted peppers, which are also chock-full of health-enhancing properties? Enjoy this quick fix tonight. Veg out tonight.

When it comes to broccoli, turn your kitchen into a regular chop shop. Use these common ingredients that you have on hand to transform bland broccoli into a tastbud tickling experience.

Thyme is on your site with these new -- and improved -- potatoes. Prepared with fresh thyme, along with a host of other appetizing ingredients, these terrific taters are tops.

I'm a pepper. You're a pepper. Why not try these best roasted peppers? This vegetable medley is ideal for pepper lovers everywhere. Put it to the test tonight.

Oranges, Grand Marnier, grated orange rind, brown sugar and wine vinegar combine to create a delicious sauce that is worth quacking about.

I'm a pepper. You're a pepper. Wouldn't you like to be a pepper -- peppercorn, that is. This peppercorn-crusted lamb is simply divine. Have a little lamb tonight...

Have a little lamb for dinner. This gourmet dish is a thrill to grill. Served with some perfectly prepared potatoes, this meal has plenty of appeal.

It's time for a "pep" rally. This pepper salad is teeming with great taste. For a winning experience, serve it warm or chilled.

Are you suffering from the dinner salad doldrums? Well, spice things up with this scrumptious veggie salad served in a mouth-watering vinegar marinade. It's sure to be a deviation from the norm that you'll all enjoy.


What do you cauliflower? Simply delicious. When the same old side salads have you snoozing, this mouthwatering medley of fresh veggies is sure to wake up your tastebuds. Prepared with tarragon vinegar, you'll love the tang of this tasty salad that will definitely become a tradition.


Slaw down -- we've got a great one on the way. This zesty recipe puts the storebought blends to shame. All you need is a few simple ingredients to prepare a batch of this barbecue staple. Who says food prep is no picnic?

These tomato pickles will be ready for use in four to six weeks.

Why settle for store-bought pickles when you can make the real deal all by yourself? This original recipe offers a crunch and munch that will send the Vlasic stork flying south.