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There's nothing fishy about what makes this entree so great. Perfectly seasoned fish pairs with a delicious, fruity salsa for a taste treat like no other.

Enjoy flavors of the Far East when you whip up a batch of this flavorful, kicky seafood dish. It's fabulous served over rice or chilled and served over fresh greens.

You'll be happy to "sea" food when you try this easy, elegant fish dish. Use tilapia or even fresh-caught lake fish for tender, flavorful fillets.

Salmon is chock-full of omega-3 fatty acids, and the accompanying salsa is nutrient-rich. But you'll enjoy this dish for its sweet and spicy summer flavors!

Go south of the border for this healthful fish entrée. It has the right combination of sweet and hot flavors to start a fiesta in your mouth!

Flex your mussels and give this seafood treat a try. Impress your guests – this dish works great as an appetizer or entrée and is healthy and delicious.

No need to keep fishing for unhealthy food. Serve this as a main course with a side dish of baby potatoes sprinkled with fresh parsley or on its own for a light lunch.

Raise your sword to a whole new level in taste with this tempting tortilla dish. If you're not hooked on swordfish, feel free to substitute halibut or sea bass in its place. It's swimming in goodness.


These marinated shrimp make a shell of a meal. The lemon, garlic and parsley come together to create a succulent sauce that has plenty of appeal.

It's the great halibut with capers to the rescue. You ad your guests will flip over this fabulous fish dish that's chock full of fresh herbs for flavor.

Start swimming upstream with these beans and fennel salmon fillets. There's nothing fishy about the goodness of this seafood dish. Dive in tonight.

Come with me to the sea.... with these gourmet quesadillas. With a creamy crabmeat filling, this Mexican fixture works as an appetizer or a meal, especially when you add rice and beans with it.

This cod-based casserole meal features wine, thyme, paprika and cheese. Serve it with spinach or broccoli for a well-balanced meal.

Oh. My. Cod. This seafood chowder is by far one of the best soups you'll ever taste. When we say it's going to bowl you over, we mean it. You'll love every spoonful.

It's a seafood lover's dream. This stew is chock full of fresh produce and only the best-tasting seafood. Serve alone or over a bowl full of pasta. Also, freeze the seafood broth and use at a later date.

Lobster and cheese are sandwiched between tortillas to create a wonderful Mexican and seafood blend. Top with a dollop of sour cream and a side of fresh salsa.

Forget eggs and ham -- it's all about eggs and tuna. Hard boil the eggs and then stuff them with your favorite can of tuna. You'll never look at deviled eggs the same again once you've tried this versatile version.

This seafood Vindaloo suggests using shrimp as the main ingredient, but you can use any type of seafood. Remember, this dish isn't for the faint of "heat." Proceed with caution if you aren't accustomed to spicy cuisine.

Flex your mussels with this great Greek dish. Steamed in a white wine and yogurt sauce, this stellar seafood meal will go amazingly well with a batch of new potatoes and a side salad.


If at first you don't succeed at making a great dinner, thai and thai again. This exotic dish hardly skimps on the flavor. Enjoy international cuisine prepared in the comfort of your own kitchen. It's shrimply delicious.