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For those of you who aren't aware, muesli is a popular breakfast dish (breakfast cereal) prepared with uncooked rolled oats and fruit. In Switzerland, it is also eaten as a light evening dish; there Birchermesli is muesli with butterbrot and milk coffee.

Most people are under the impression that to-die-for dumplings are difficult to prepare, but that's not the case. Simply make the dough and drop them into the boiling water.

Prepare ahead and store it in an airtight containers. This healthy way to start your day is a welcome relief from other stale cereals that have grown tiresome.

Light and lively -- that's the best way to describe these superb Swiss pancakes that your family is sure to flip over. Top with butter and syrup.


Enjoy these scrumptious scallion pancakes. They're bursting with flavor and sure to make for an interesting meal that's a deviation from the norm. Add or subtract whatever you like.

An innovative twist on a breakfast classic, this salty yet scintillating pancake makes for a tasty brunch offering.

Feel free to mix raisins or dried cranberries into the batter just for a nice change to what will become an old favorite.


Want a breakfast that won't disappoint? Go Dutch. If you want flapjacks to flip over, this is your recipe. We promise they definitely stack up against other morning meals.

These pancakes are perfect for breakfast or brunch... or even as a snack anytime. You don’t have to wait for Halloween to enjoy this pumpkin pancake.


We have a breakfast you are sure to go nuts over. These pecan-oatmeal pancakes are an a.m. starter that your family is sure to flip for. This recipe definitely takes the cakes.

When you're having trouble getting your kids to eat fruit, it's time for a stealth attack. Sneak bananas into these palate-pleasing pancakes for a healthy, hearty breakfast. Think of your favorite a.m. offering and multiply it times 10 -- that's the satisfaction you'll get from this recipe.


Squash the notion of bland side dishes by adding this herbed zucchini to your recipe box. If you want to disguise healthy veggies as a tasty treat, this is just the way to do it. Veg out tonight with this dish that has plenty of appeal.

An authentic and versatile fresh herb spread-condiment-garnish you will always want in your fridge.  It can be kept for up to 5 days in the refrigerator or 3 months in the freezer.


When you're hungry for an appetizer that is shrimply irresistible, look to this scrumptious spread. The best thing since sliced bread is sliced bread with shrimp butter. Prepare it just once and you're certain to have it down pat.

Thought meatballs were only a staple in Italian cuisine? Well, think again. These gourmet Greek meatballs draw upon feta, green olives and onion for an amazing blend of flavor. Great for an appetizer or to top a salad.

A creamy spread with a great flavored juice. Your guests will be impressed with this new simple dish. Be ready to share it because you will definitely be asked for this recipe.

Here's a different type of hamburger that's much more healthful. These tiny chicken burgers are flavorful, simple to make and quite delicious. Serve them on chive biscuits and enjoy.

Looking for a salad dressing that pops? We've got a berry good option for you. Our raspberry vinaigrette with poppy seeds will give you the best-dressed salad in town. Stay away from store-bought brands in favor of this homemade offering.

It's time for some tart. Take advantage of the tart versatility and follow this pizza-style recipe. Great also with some fruit or salad on the side.

Beer batter up! Enjoy your favorite vegetables basted in the beverage of your choice. These deep-fried veggies are downright delicious. You don't know what you're missing until you whip up a batch.

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