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Quinoa – pronounced KEEN-wa – is a healthful whole grain, high in fiber and vitamins. Use it as a rice substitute and try it in this hearty, nutritious dish.

Here's a healthful alternative to sugary muffins. Plenty of fruit offers fiber and flavor. Try this bread on a brunch buffet, or wrap up and give as a delicious hostess gift.

Think you've bean there, done that? Not so fast. You'll be a ragin' Cajun with these homemade red beans that are a taste of New Orleans. Just add hot sauce for an extra kick.

Popeye ate all of spinach and fought 'til the finish... and you should too. Even if you aren't a fan of the greens, you won't be able to resist these spinach squares.

Ever notice how many baked goods are loaded with fat and calories? Well, not these muffins, man. Enjoy a bran new day with a bite of this high-fiber morning offering.

When you're looking for a vegetarian dish that's all kosher, this black beans dish fits the bill. They're so good nobody will realize just how healthy they really are.

Liven up your menu with a little bit of lentils that have a whole lot of taste. These lentils are prepared with tomato sauce, onion rings and plenty of spices and served with wild rice.

Just because you aren't into eating meat doesn't mean you have to miss out on the best laid burger plans. These portobello burgers are both delicious and decadent.

This Thai chicken salad can be served as a stand alone or in whole-wheat tortillas. Whichever way you choose to present the meal, it's sure to be a true experience in great taste.

We've got a classic tomato pizza that really delivers. This healthy pie with a whole-wheat crust uses fresh tomatoes to make the grade. It'a slice of gourmet goodness.

Raise your sword to a whole new level in taste with this tempting tortilla dish. If you're not hooked on swordfish, feel free to substitute halibut or sea bass in its place. It's swimming in goodness.

Portobello mushrooms have earned a reputation for greatness... and this salad doesn't fall short. These mushrooms are prepared with a little bit of blue cheese and balsamic vinegar.

The key ingredient in this decadent dish is the roasted peppers. Place the bell peppers on a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil and broil until they blacken all over, about 10 minutes. Transfer the pepper to a covered bowl and let steam for 10 minutes until the skin loosens.

Let us "Philly" you in on a great steak sandwich. Not only does this cheesesteak taste great, but it's also prepared using lean roast beef and whole-wheat buns -- so it won't break your bank in fat and calories.

This pasta has a clean, Mediterranean taste with only the freshest ingredients. The tomatoes, basil, red onions and garlic create a healthy dish that won't leave you feeling guilty.

You'll go stir crazy over this excellent Asian dish that's loaded with noodles and veggies. The soy and sesame flavor makes it a dish that's chock full of delightful flavors.

Talk about a fenn-omenal dish. This beef and fennel stew goes down so smooth. It's loaded with so many great-tasting ingredients you'll be stuffed after one bowl.

This barley is cooked like an Italian risotto but it is much richer in fiber. This wonderful side dish goes great with a steak, fresh fish or grilled chicken breast. It's amazing flavor carries the entire meal.

Don't pass on this simple pasta dish. Use your noodle and choose your favorite type of pasta. For a healthier version, use ground turkey and opt for whole wheat pasta.

One bite of these American potatoes and you'll be feeling incredibly patriotic, as they're sure to set your tastebuds free from those same old spuds.