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Stuffed mushrooms are always a hit at parties. Make them extra-decadent by stuffing them with crabmeat – but save calories with this delicious, diet-friendly version.

If you like the taste of fried jalapeno poppers, then you'll love dipping into this zesty dip. It's creamy, spicy and has all the taste of poppers – without all that fat.

Craving those fattening Buffalo wings? This version has a unique, tangy flavor that will have everyone wanting more. Serve them for the big game, and they're sure to score!

Bake up a hot, hearty appetizer that everyone will love, whether it's for a fancy party or the big game. Serve with veggies for a great nutrition boost.

If you like this appetizer when you're out to dinner, then you'll love the convenience of making it at home. There's plenty of zip in the dip, so pour it on!

This quick appetizer is a crowd pleaser at any gathering. Lighten it up with margarine and less cheese than traditional recipes while still keeping the fabulous taste.

Veg out with this amazing appetizer. These breaded veggies bites aren't just nutritious, they're satisfying. Enjoy a healthy alternative to unhealthy snacks.


Enjoy these stuffed shrooms with a view. The seafood-infused shrooms make an awesome appetizer that's yummy on the lips without being heavy on the hips. Simply scrumptious!

It's the best thing since sliced bread. This bruschetta is hardly the Italian favorite you're accustomed to. The creamy twist takes it to the next level. It's amore!

Not hungry for an entire meal? Fear not, for the spicy mini pita is a wonderful appetizer. Hungrier? Try it with any Mexican meal.


These ham and cheese sandwiches are the best way to dress up buttermilk biscuits. Serve as breakfast, lunch and dinner -- it's suitable for any meal at any time of day. Talk about well-rounded.

You'll go stir crazy over this excellent Asian dish that's loaded with noodles and veggies. The soy and sesame flavor makes it a dish that's chock full of delightful flavors.

Mint-flavored peas may sound like a delicacy... and that's because they are. This creamy peas and rice side is finished off with a fabulous feta taste.


This vegetarian dish is much like a hash with the combination of bell peppers and potatoes. It's a great meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Plus, it's quick.

This sautéed eggplant is prepared in a mixture of soy sauce, ginger, rice vinegar and sesame oil. Remember to use a soy sauce substitute or low-sodium soy sauce to keep this low cholesterol meal also low sodium.

In order to prepare this sweet grilled corn the proper way, soak it overnight prior to cooking. Also make sure you have plenty of butter or margarine on hand for when it comes time to sink your teeth into this succulent side dish.


Take a crack at this delicious dish. Forget cheese, chicken and beef. Instead, stuff your enchiladas with crabmeat for a scintillating Mexican-seafood medley. Serve with fresh guacamole and low-fat sour cream.

Growing up, who didn't love a good salami and cheese sandwich? We've expanded on the idea and brought some new friends to the table -- like puff pastry, sage, oregano and honey mustard, creating the ultimate Italian sandwich experience.

Think of bruschetta bread with a Mexican twist. That's what you're basically getting with this great offering that'll have you breaking bread more often than not. It has all the fixins' with a phenomenal taste.

There's a whole lot going on in this cheese ball that's mainly a dream for anyone who prefers salt over sugar. The raisins add a small curve ball, but for the most part you'll say "open sesame" when presented with this appetizer that's sure to leave you feeling cheesy.