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This rich recipe is penne from heaven with a hearty, Italian flavor that can't be beat. Better yet, it's healthful and a crowd-pleasing dinner.

Who doesn't like a good pasta? If you don’t like penne, try it with your favorite pasta and add some capers for garnish. You won't be disappointed.

The penne pasta has all of the nuts and bolts. Prosciutto, garlic, gorgonzola cheese and walnuts mesh wonderfully in this creamy, dreamy pasta dish.


See a box of penne pick it up, and all day you'll have good luck. That's because your gourmet meal will be cooking good in the crockpot without needing any attention.

When you've got extra meat and vegetables on hand, don't throw them away... throw them in, as in into this mouthwatering medley. Get started with penne, beef and mushrooms and go from there.

This is a delicious and quick white sauce recipe for penne or other type of pasta.

Great combined flavors of sun dried tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, Prosciutto and more… give it a try to this quick and good recipe!

Eat green! This “Pesto” can be prepared ahead of time and stored in a zip plastic bag in refrigerator for up to a week.

Enjoy a taste of the Mediterranean from the comfort of your own home. This palatable penne pasta is a healthy offering that definitely doesn't disappoint. A blend of rich flavors including anchovy fillets, olives and more, Penne alla Puttanesca is way tasty way to broaden your horizons.

Have we got a creamy, dreamy pasta dish for you. This pesto-infused penne dish is prepared in a basil-walnut sauce that will awaken your tastebuds.

Arrabbiata in this dish refers to the spicy red peppers and means “angry”. If you like hot food this is for you!


Color your world -- and your plate -- with this perfect pasta primavera decorated with broccoli, carrots and peas. Use your noodle and serve healthy and fun fare that will bowl over the big and little mouths at your table. 

Make shroom for this penne pasta. One taste and you'll be so glad you used for noodle and prepared this mushroom-inspired meal.

Fresh garlic is the taste key for this pasta recipe. Hey – you can choose whatever pasta you like!

Talk about a clean, quick dish. This penne pasta is pleasing, not to mention, easy as can be.

Penne for your thoughts... This divine Italian chicken pasta is perfect for a special occasion or any ordinary night. Use your noodle and make a batch tonight.

This savory soup is super easy to prepare and perfect for those cold winter nights. It's a hearty treat the whole family will gladly warm up to.

A penne for your thoughts and a bunch of nickels for this palate-pleasing pasta recipe that can be served as a mouth-watering main meal or a succulent side dish. It's a great way to help your kids get their fill of veggies.

We've got a penne for your thoughts. When you're looking for a great way to prepare fresh prawns, this pasta dish is it. Prepared in under 30 minutes, this savory seafood dish is sure to bowl your diners over.