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There's nothing fishy about what makes this entree so great. Perfectly seasoned fish pairs with a delicious, fruity salsa for a taste treat like no other.

Stuffed mushrooms are always a hit at parties. Make them extra-decadent by stuffing them with crabmeat – but save calories with this delicious, diet-friendly version.

Enjoy flavors of the Far East when you whip up a batch of this flavorful, kicky seafood dish. It's fabulous served over rice or chilled and served over fresh greens.

You'll go "soy" nuts for this shrimply irresistible, low-fat salad. It's got plenty of delicious veggies, yummy edamame and tangy flavors like cilantro and lime!

Lunch is all wrapped up with this high-protein, tangy and delicious twist on the same old tuna fish sandwich. Wrap it up, bag it up and enjoy your lunch hour!

Oh say can you sea... as in seaside pork. This ocean-inspired pork loin dish has some seriously tasty ingredients, along with a sampling of a salt-water favorite.

This salmon recipe is swimming in goodness. Served up in a sour cream-dijon-dill sauce, there's nothing fishy about a dish that's so rich in heart healthy Omega-3 fatty acids.

You'll be happy to "sea" food when you try this easy, elegant fish dish. Use tilapia or even fresh-caught lake fish for tender, flavorful fillets.

Salmon is chock-full of omega-3 fatty acids, and the accompanying salsa is nutrient-rich. But you'll enjoy this dish for its sweet and spicy summer flavors!

Go south of the border for this healthful fish entrée. It has the right combination of sweet and hot flavors to start a fiesta in your mouth!

Whether it's a cool summer party or hot winter fete, these appetizers are hearty, healthful and sophisticated. Sit back and enjoy the compliments when you serve them.

Flex your mussels and give this seafood treat a try. Impress your guests – this dish works great as an appetizer or entrée and is healthy and delicious.

This savory pasta is dressed up and ready for company. And the best part is the short prep time. Relax and enjoy!

Get a taste of the islands without leaving the comfort of your own home. This Cayman-inspired conch chowder is a creamy, dreamy treat after a cold day.

Craving something fresh from the water? This recipe is just the thing. It makes for a delicious seafood treat for any occasion.

The title says it all… If you like shrimp and quiche this will soon become your favorite recipe. It's a two for one deal of a meal.

Oy, how about some oysters? Try layers of oysters, crackers, heavy cream and creamy corn for a complete and filling breakfast! Outstanding!

Want something fast for breakfast? Try our fondue casserole. This a.m. fix combines cheese, tuna and bread for a creamy, dreamy all-in-one effort that will start your morning off right.

No need to keep fishing for unhealthy food. Serve this as a main course with a side dish of baby potatoes sprinkled with fresh parsley or on its own for a light lunch.

Listen to our tale... as in lobster tale. This shell of a dish combines a variety of great tastes to forge one mouthwatering meal. Dive into its goodness today.