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Talk about a fish dish swimming in goodness. There's no denying the health benefits of this scrumptious pecan salmon that's rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Dive in!

It's time to kabob for apples, peaches, pears and more. These fabulous fruit kabobs are a healthy dessert that will satisfy -- just not at the expense of your waistline.

Just because you're dieting doesn't mean you can't indulge in this award-winning calzone that's both lite and lively. Make it Italian tonight!

When you're looking for a vegetarian dish that's all kosher, this black beans dish fits the bill. They're so good nobody will realize just how healthy they really are.

Kids love the simple things in life, and this recipe definitely falls into that category. With three simple ingredients, you'll be able to feed those hungry mouths in a matter of minutes.

From Macintosh to Granny Smith, there is a huge variety of apples with a wide range of tastes. In this succulent salad, use your favorite. Boil the apples, purée the fruit and then add in the orange juice and wheat germ mixture.


We've got a berry good approach to a fabulous fruit salad. Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries with oranges and more come together to collaborate for a sweet treat that's chock full of nutrition. Enjoy it morning, noon or night.

Let off some steam with this delicious carrot and potato medley. With just a few simple ingredients you can whip up a great-tasting side dish that's loaded with goodness. Orange you glad we gave you this recipe?

This recipe makes a sauté of boiled lima beans. Try to find fresh lima beans for the most appetizing dish possible. If you can’t find fresh, use frozen instead.


Are boring dinners sending mealtime into a downhill spiral? Why not liven things up with a fabulous fusilli dish? Prepared with fresh tomatoes, this recipe is sure to please children and adults alike. Give pasta dinners a new twist. 

Talk about a side dish that's filled with e-steam. This healthy broccoli dish can be prepared in whichever dressing you choose, whether it be Italian or a vinaigrette.

Even if you aren't a vegetarian, tofu makes a great staple. Kids also prefer the texture of this meatless wonder. In this recipe, the flavors of soy sauce, sherry, ginger and garlic make for an amazing stir fry.

Grilling is thrilling when you prepare these healthy veggies in a mouth-watering marinade. If you're looking for a dish to accompany your favorite meat, poultry or seafood, this medley gets the job done. Veg out tonight.

There's more to salad than lettuce and tomato -- and this version proves it. This salad features broccoli, zucchini and bell peppers as the main staples. The Dijon dressing is full of taste but not fat. So enjoy it without feeling a twinge of guilt.


This vegetarian dish is much like a hash with the combination of bell peppers and potatoes. It's a great meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Plus, it's quick.

Instant rice and canned peas take a great deal of this busy work out of this quick dish. It's the ideal side dish for just about any protein staple. You can't go wrong.

This is a Thai-style soup with a special fresh mint flavor. Anybody who loves the green veggie will fall head over heels for this appeasing potage. You'll be like two peas in a pod.

These potatoes are cooked in the microwave and require no effort. It's a very low cholesterol side dish for those who are keeping a close eye on their health.

When you're trying to lose weight, who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? Enjoy these low-fat brownies that lack the fattening ingredients but not the rich, chocolatey taste. You'll have no reason to feel guilty.

Quick and easy... Those are two words to describe this fast and flavorful dish. You'll enjoy every bite of a family favorite that's a winner every time.