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Feeling saucy? This chili sauce is downright delish. For a variation, mix with mayonnaise and a little bit of milk and use it as a salad dressing.

In a region perhaps best known for its chili, the southern-style variety is a can't miss. This chili can be made the day before serving and it freezes well. Y'all won't be let down!

Come try the cumin and pinto chili. This recipe can be kept frozen for as long as you like. Double the ingredients and keep the extra amount ready for later use.

For those of you non-meat fanatics, this recipe is sweet relief. A 100% vegetarian dish, it goes great when served with French baguette and a glass of red wine.

You will agree with the name of this recipe, and call it quite lovely once you've finished. Stick to the instructions of this recipe and prepare yourself for a bean chili salad!

No matter what color these beans are, the glorious taste won't change. This chili is seasoned with thyme and marjoram and features chicken broth, stewed tomatoes and chili seasoning mix.

Don't mess with Texas! This Texas-style chili features lean steak, pinto beans and cayenne pepper. It'll have your mouth salivating.

Chow down on this chowder -- a thick soup that contains fish or shellfish, especially clams, and vegetables, such as potatoes and onions, in a milk or tomato base. Skip the seafood and bring on the veggies.

Don't settle for paltry poultry. Top off this chicken dish garnishing it with cheese, sour cream and salsa. Bird is the word.

For those who don't know, a traditional parfait consists of layers of ice cream, syrup and whipped cream. This one kicks it up a notch by adding couscous.

Ready for a tasty treat? This hearty blend of crispy nuts and chewy fruit is prepared with many healthy ingredients. It's so good -- you're going to go nuts.

Don't turnip your nose to this tasty casserole. This scrumptious recipe is a great way for your kids to get their veggies... in disguise.

Listen to our tale... as in lobster tale. This shell of a dish combines a variety of great tastes to forge one mouthwatering meal. Dive into its goodness today.

The title of the pasta does not lie. Simply tasty. Full of garlic, basil and more, this is surely a genuine Italian dish! So good you'll wish you made more.

Don't think fruit and tuna mix? Well try this. This salad features crisp apple slices and flavorful mandarin oranges. You'll be greatly surprised!

Want to feel right at home while eating your salad? Try this one, a sweet and creamy pasta salad dish with olives and celery! Tastes great right from home.

Get silly for fusilli! This pasta salad is perfect for a potluck. Quick and easy to make, the fusilli pasta will fulfill your dining delights.


Orzo isn't just good, it is outstanding! “Orzo” means barley, but is also used to name the rice-shaped pasta. Try this unique concoction today.

Try colors, as in the tri-colors pasta salad. Filled with plenty of... everything, this recipe will become a staple on your menu.

Shrimply irresistible. Shrimp and tomatoes are mixed with couscous and feta cheese, and then combined in a garlic vinaigrette dressing in this dish for a full flavor.

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