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You'll want to pig out when you try these delicious pork chops hot off the grill. Don't worry about it -- they're tasty and diet-friendly!

There are plenty of palate-pleasing versions of kabobs to choose from, and these barbecue-style pork ones are no different. Throw some green peppers and onions in the mix if you like.

Oh say can you sea... as in seaside pork. This ocean-inspired pork loin dish has some seriously tasty ingredients, along with a sampling of a salt-water favorite.

There's no denying that plain Jane pork chops can be unappetizing. That's why we're introducing a simple balsamic marinade that can be simply made in seconds.

Flanks for the memories. That's what you'll be saying after you dive into this delicious Asian flank steak. It's a mouth-watering marinade that's out of this world.

Need a grilled option that's healthier and more dressed-up than burgers? Look no further than this spicy combo that's light and flavorful.

Sometimes simple is simply perfect. This juicy, savory marinade makes the meal and spices up plain old grilled chicken for a real taste treat that everyone will enjoy.

Salmon is chock-full of omega-3 fatty acids, and the accompanying salsa is nutrient-rich. But you'll enjoy this dish for its sweet and spicy summer flavors!

Everybody could use a good ribbing every now and then, especially when it's these spiced up pork rib chops. Serve with a side of brown rice and some veggies for a wholesome meal.

There's plenty at steak here. We're talking about tender New York strip combined with a variety of fresh vegetables. Bring it all together with a low-fat dressing of your choice.

Get ready to gobble up these burgers. Prepared with ground turkey and whole wheat bread crumbs, this healthy alternative to regular burgers will put a feather in your cap.

Think of this gourmet offering as chili on a stick. These carefully crafted kabobs are chock full of the smoky flavor you've come to love, only they're a whole lot meatier.

It's time to kabob for apples, peaches, pears and more. These fabulous fruit kabobs are a healthy dessert that will satisfy -- just not at the expense of your waistline.

We're egging you on. Go Mediterranean with decadent eggplant dish that's rich in flavor but low in fat and calories. You'll have a healthy feeling about this scrumptious side that won't disappoint.

Sweet? Sour? Why choose? Indulge in the best of both worlds with this sweet and sour chicken dish that's infused with the best Asian flavors around. You won't be disappointed.

Searching for a seafood recipe that's shrimply irresistible? These spice grilled shrimp will have you hanging by a thread. Prepare to be skewered.

Torn between burgers and fajitas? Why not indulge in the best of both worlds? These Mexican-inspired burgers are absolutely mouthwatering. No buns about it!

Don't brush away any thoughts of trying bruschetta. This recipe takes a classic and prepares it with a tropical inspiration. You'll feel like you're in the Bahamas when you put this to the taste test.

Lay on some lemon. Try this salad, which features a full blend of flavors that will liven up your appetite! Great for anytime.

Don't be a chicken -- mustard up the courage to make this tasty poultry dish. This salad features a whole cooked hot rotisserie chicken and serves two as a main course, or four to six as an appetizer.