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This omelet is the ultimate coming of sage. When combined with Romano cheese, the fresh herb livens up an ordinary egg omelet with an incredible taste.


No Spain. No gain. This Spanish-style omelet is rich in flavor thanks to plenty of fresh vegetables. The prosciutto really drives the terrific taste home.

Chevre cheese with a hint of mint and roasted walnuts makes this unique gourmet omelet. It's elegant, delicious and will give you a crack at what a real omelet should taste like. It's eggs-actly how you want to start the day.


This omelet is sure to be the taco the town. Prepared with traditional Mexican staples, it's eggs-actly the way you want to start off your day. Even the addition of salsa will have your tastebuds dancing.

It's okay to get fresh with this omelet. Chervil, tarragon, chives butter and basil round out this special herb omelet. It's all it's cracked up to be.

It's a BLT omelet... without the lettuce. Tomato, bacon and cheese round out this egg omelet for a mouth-watering offering that's sure to be hit with you or the one you love.

Think of this as our way of egging you on. When you're looking for a fulfilling breakfast that's tempting and tasty, give this baked omelet a crack. No yolk -- it is just the right way to start your day.

Eggs and asparagus go together so well. This makes the perfect menu item for a breakfast or brunch. Come to think of it, it's really ideal for any meal of the day. Why limit yourself to the a.m. hours?

There's no reason to make a run for the border -- simply make a run for your kitchen and whip up this southwestern omelet that has a flare for flavor. It's loaded to the hilt.


Squash the notion of boring breakfasts. You'll crack up over this awesome omelet that's infused with flavor, courtesy of zucchini, basil and parmesan cheese. You won't have to egg your loved ones on to dive into this delicious a.m. dish.

There's no longer a reason to scramble for a great breakfast recipe. These eggs are prepared with tomatoes and goat cheese for an AM experience that's absolutely amazing.

Can't decide whether you're in the mood for pork, chicken or beef? Enjoy all of the above in this meat and egg medley that's topped with a soy sauce blend.

Deviled eggs are a finger food favorite at just about any gathering. But add a little hint of curry to this special event staple and they'll be gone in the blink of an eye.

Forget eggs and ham -- it's all about eggs and tuna. Hard boil the eggs and then stuff them with your favorite can of tuna. You'll never look at deviled eggs the same again once you've tried this versatile version.

Light, fluffy and fat-free popovers! You will need a popover pan to prepare this egg-cellent recipe.

This combination of spinach, eggs and feta is all it's cracked up to be. A nutritious way to start your day.

We pita the fool who passes on this awesomely appetizing egg sandwich. Skip the fast food drive-thru, and opt for this healthy a.m. offering instead.

This Italian-style omelet is easier to make that you might think. Impress your in-laws, your friends, or just your taste buds with this eggs-traordinary dish!


Hungry for a versatile morning meal? Ham it up with this baked omelet. But don't forget the onions, peppers, Swiss cheese and eggs. One bite of this scrumptious egg dish and you'll realize the yolk is on you!

This is a great recipe for feeding your hungry friends in the morning. Have fun experimenting with additional ingredients!

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