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Don't be a chicken -- give these gourmet rolls a try. They're so good they give new meaning to the term poultry in motion.

Caramel apples are on tap for tonight's dessert. This sweet apple dip is simply sinful. Feel free to also dip strawberries, cherries or bananas, in addition to apples.

This is a multi-faceted recipe that's great for the holidays. Either use the cranberries for decorations or top your favorite dessert with this berry good side.

This Italian cake is also known as “Crostata di Albicocche.” Be sure to use a high-quality version of apricot preserves for the best results possible.


'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house was the aroma of this excellent English cake that's rich in fruits and spices. It's a slice of heaven.

Bar none -- you can't beat this chocolate lover's dream! Prepared with your favorite candy bars, it is a dessert that will leave you "snickering" and wanting a whole lot more. Treat yourself to one tonight!

Prepare yourself for a touch of grey. These delicate cookies are made using Earl Grey Tea and they can be served anytime -- whether it's an elegant gathering or a relaxing solo afternoon.

Have some cream with your coffee... cake that is. This buttery cake is infused with a jolt of java. Although it requires a bit of prep work, the melt-in-your-mouth result is worth the time and effort.


It's time for a taste of the tropics. This classic coconut custard pie is an award-winning dessert that'll drive your guests absolutely nuts. Plus, it's so easy to make.

These cookies will require almost no chewing at all, as they melt in your mouth. When they are done, store them in a container with a lid and separate each layer with wax paper. Enjoy shortbread cookies that will long be remembered.

Even though you might associate fruitcake with the holidays, it's actually a sweet treat that can be enjoyed any time of year. One bite and you're sure to go nuts over this decadent dessert. Expect your loved ones to keep coming back for their fill of this fruity wonder.

This simple snack mix is sweet-salt craving hit. You can use red & green M&Ms to make this for the holidays.

A great dish for the family gatherings, especially during the holidays.

These pita sandwiches stuffed with crabmeat are wonderful and perfect for the coming holidays!


As far as holiday beverages go, nothing quite compares to egg nog. This delicious drink will help you get right into the spirit of the season. Sip on it tonight!

If you wish, you could add some spice to give these cookies a lift.

If you have a diabetic relative treat her/him with this perfect, light and still rich nog.

Absolutely fantastic cake! Your guests will have no idea that this cake is sugar free. Instead of adding liquid sweetener you could use 3 extra tbsp. of concentrated unsweetened apple juice.

This is a great cake for kids and people watching their refined sugar intake.


This is a naturally sweet pastry and it’s sugar free!
However, just because a recipe does not have refined or added sugar does NOT mean that it is safe for diabetics. In fact fructose should be eaten in moderation by anyone who has a sensitivity to sugar or carbs. 


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