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Lettuce talk turkey. One bite of this scrumptious sandwich, and you'll be on a roll. It's sure to satisfy.

These salmon-stuffed pita pockets are loaded with goodness. In addition to the healthy fish, it's also packed with alfalfa sprouts, lettuce and tomatoes. It's swimming in goodness.

Have a pita heaven. These ground beef stuffed pitas lend a flavorful punch. It's chili in a pocket instead of a bowl.

Veg out with this pita packed full of nutrients. A scrumptious way to get your five a day in just one sitting, this veggie offering is divine.

Can't decide between a sandwich and a salad? You don't have to. This turkey and walnut pita offers the best of both worlds. It'll certainly satisfy your hunger.

Get ready to name this tuna one of your favorites. This simple concoction calls for just four ingredients, and it's scrumptious.

Beef, onion, garlic, tomato sauce, parsley, Parmesan cheese, cinnamon, pepper and ginger are the great protagonists of this warm pita sandwich. It's a real winner!

Have you had your veggies today? If not, this palate-pleasing pita gives you the opportunity to load up. It's the stuff that pita dreams are made of.

You actually want something that tastes like chicken? Well this is it, and it's not your average fowl. No, its even better, and even healthier.

When you combine the best of both worlds, you get a pita pizza. Throw on some toppings that you'd normally see on a pizza and you've got yourself a deluxe hybrid of deliciousness.

Been craving pita? This healthy, vegetarian dish will satisfy your craving and impress your friends with its tasty simplicity.

Really, what isn't good with a pita? This dish is full of glorious paprika spices, and makes for an exotic culinary adventure. Have pita, will travel.

Meat lovers rejoice! When you combine the power of onions, mushrooms, cheese and Miracle Whip with a meaty pita, you've got yourself a heck of a sandwich. Don't be afraid to dig right in and make this dish.

Simpler is better. This simple pita is just cheese and butter in a pita pocket, but it is simply fantastic. For those of you who want something quick and easy, this is your pita...

The central characters that make up this quick and special sandwich are sour half and half, dill weed, chicken, cucumber, onion, tomatoes, lettuce and mushrooms. Together they create the perfect team to help you battle your hunger.

Not hungry for an entire meal? Fear not, for the spicy mini pita is a wonderful appetizer. Hungrier? Try it with any Mexican meal.

Some like it hot, and those who do will fall head over heels for these enchilada wraps. Prepared with chicken and cheese, it's the ultimate evolution of the simple sandwich.

When you're looking for a healthy alternative to those fried chicken sandwiches, this wholesome and healthy chicken pita is sure to come in handy. The almonds and apricots pack a palate-pleasing punch.

We've got a recipe that absolutely shreds those other dishes. This Mexican-inspired meals is turning dinner into a wrap... literally. Roll with these palate-pleasing punches.

Chill out with these awesome black bean wraps. With a roster of great-tasting ingredients, you'll say adios to the dinner doldrums when you whip up this great-tasting dish.

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